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Major Mistakes Students make while writing a research essay

Being a student means that you must already be familiar with writing research essays and articles. It can be tremendously disheartening when students put so much time and effort into their essays and they get rejected for basic mistakes. You must be wondering, “How do I impress everyone when I write my essay?” If you are  asking yourself this  question then keep reading.

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But when writing those essays, there are some common obstacles that students eventually stumble upon. Knowing about the potential traps ahead of time and how to identify or avoid them can save you a lot of time and relieve you of  stress and frustration. Not just that, you can also improve so much that your instructor may  not be able to help but be impressed and we are here to do just that! This article will list some major mistakes that students make while writing their research essays.

Here are some mistakes to avoid in order to become an amazing essay writer and impress your teachers.

Diverting from the topic

Essay writing during your academic journey as a student can be challenging especially when you are preoccupied with assignments and tests or have a lot going on in your mind. This is the story of every other student so it is very easy for them to get distracted and divert from the topic and this shows in their writing. Exploring and choosing a subject of interest that is relatable or exciting to work on are significant steps towards writing a good essay.

Weak thesis statement

The presentation establishes the vibe of the whole paper. Writers frequently use this part to discuss the course of the essay and specify the issue they are discussing. Be that as it may, many writers leave it to their readers to comprehend ‘why’ the issue is so significant which is a serious problem.

After selecting a topic, essay writing service writing a solid thesis statement that explains the crux and direction of your essay is very important. This is a basic and central component for an effective research essay; it serves as a guide for the writer as well as the reader. The thesis statement should make your position clear in the essay. It should not be confusing and clearly define your stance regarding the issue presented. A good thesis statement is convincing, supported by data, and encourages the reader to keep reading.

A contradiction between thesis statement and supporting arguments

One common mistake that students make is not creating an outline while writing an essay. This sometimes leads them to be sidetracked from their original point or contradict their own claim. Their thesis statement might claim one thing, whereas, the supporting arguments might  contradict that claim. For this purpose, an outline with the thesis statement and major supporting claims can help avoid this error.

Weak supporting data

All supporting claims in a research essay need to be verified sources. They can be peer-reviewed articles or books by published authors. Students use sources like Wikipedia or general websites to support their arguments. These are weak and unverified sources thus students  should use credible sources to support their research and look for published articles and peer-reviewed journals.

Citing sources

Students while writing essays take help from various sources but they do not give them their due credit. This means that their essay is plagiarised. It is very important while writing a research essay to cite sources so that the reader knows that the material is taken from elsewhere. Citations are also done in various styles which is another task students require help from paper writing service. They cite all the sources in one way instead of following the guidelines regarding different citation styles. It is important to ask your teacher regarding the needed citation style and then looking up the rules for citing in that particular style. Various websites such as Purdue Online Writing Lab explain how to properly cite a source or  students can take help from an writing service to help them with  citations.

Relevant figures and Tables:

Students regularly commit plenty of errors while arranging figures and tables. For instance, figures and tables must be numbered in the same order that they are placed in your text and should be referred to as (Figure 1) or (Fig. 1) instead of (See Figure 1 appended). If you are confused take help from

The same goes for figures too. In case you can’t choose what might be the most ideal approach to addressing your data — tables or figures — the general principle is that tables present the trial results while figures offer a superior representation when contrasting test results and hypothetical/determined qualities or past works. Notwithstanding the decision you make, don’t copy the data you’ve used somewhere else in the composition.

Weak Structure

The longer the essay, the difficult it becomes to keep the readers engaged and interested. It becomes hard to maintain a constant flow and students easily lose track of what they are writing when i ask them to write my paper. This makes their essay difficult to read. Students need to make sure that they follow an outline and stick to the topic at hand. It is better to introduce each point in a single paragraph and then move onto the next paragraph to guess another idea. Try to discuss only one idea in each paragraph. This makes it easier for the reader to comprehend what is being discussed in the essay. 

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