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How to use Academic Phrases in Essays?

An effective essay has the right tone. It shouldn’t be too casual and should avoid the use of slang and colloquial speech. Academic write my paper is formal writing which is used by scholars to express their views on academic topics. This article will help you learn the ways in which you can use academic phrases in your essay to make it concise.

Before learning to use academic phrases, students need to learn about the important features of academic writing. All  essays do not fall  under the academic writing category. Students must keep in mind that academic writing has the following features:

  •    Formal tone 
  • Academic words and formal vocabulary
  •   Precise and concise content
  •  Transition words that connect the ideas

Now that you have learned about the important features of academic writing, it is important to learn how you can use academic phrases in your essay. However, if you still feel that you need help writing your essay, you can reach out to a essay writing service.

Almost all academic papers or essays contain three essential parts: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. All these  parts of the essay can be written using specific types of academic phrases. 

  1. Introduction

 The introduction is the most important part and it can be made more effective by using the  following phrases. These help in maintaining a formal tone while helping the writer to meet the criteria of academic writing. These include:

  •         Explore the already existing research on this topic.. 
  •         The topic of the research proposal is
  •         The topic is widely discussed and investigated…
  •         Increasing trends towards this …
  •         The focus of the thesis is …
  •     The main subject of current studies is …
  •         In the past few decades, they played significant roles …
  •         The researchers have had great success in understanding the problem …
  •         Widely adopted in the field of …
  •         The technique commonly used by researchers in the field …

Academic Phrases for Thesis Statements :

  •         One primary problem in the field is related to … However, …
  •         The common issue surrounding the issues is …
  •         A challenging situation is, nevertheless …
  •         Few factors which are to be discussed here …
  •         Although there is a wide belief about…. Nevertheless …
  •         This essay will explore the solution in the form of …

.       This paper will expound upon the idea on ….

 .      To analyze the current trends this essay will…

  •         The current study will analyze the aspects …
  •         To examine the impacts of this … the current study explored …
  •         It would be of profound interest …

The aforementioned phrases also help me write my essay in an effective manner. You can also use these formal phrases and words to write like a professional writer.  

  1. Body Paragraph

After the introduction, the writer starts to build the arguments around the selected topic. The body paragraphs must also reflect the formal tone to fulfill the requirement of academic writings, few rules which can be followed include the use of conjunctions to interlink different statements and formal vocabulary can make a significant impact on the writing task. Similarly, while writing, beware of the commonly used words or appropriate transition to avoid losing the interest of the reader.

The transitions between the paragraphs while stating different arguments can be made by using the words like first of all, secondly, thirdly, moreover, etc. This is one of the most effective methods and keeps the flow in the essay while helping the‘s writer to keep control of the thoughts and to make coherence in the arguments. It also helps the reader to keep track of the main points without losing interest. 

While inserting citations of literature or previous studies conducted by the researchers to support the main argument the phrases like ‘considering the previously conducted studies’, as the XYZ presented’, as stated by’, as the literature states’, ‘as published by the researcher’, ‘In light of the research’ can improve the outlook of the write up as substantiating the essay with evidence help in improving the reliability and credibility of data. To avoid redundancy and to keep a flow of arguments so that the reader won’t get confused, some words can be used by the essay writer such as furthermore, moreover, in addition to that, as explained earlier, however, therefore, in addition to that are good linking phrases.Now that you are well aware of formal phrases which you can use while writing your essay, you can start practicing your essay without hesitation to ace your assignment. 

For example

As the previous studies explain the fact that physical exercise is important for the neurological growth of the brain. To become a good essay writerstudents must keep all these points in mind. Moreover, a balanced diet and proper sleep is also essential for the proper functioning of the brain. 

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion is also an essential part of academic writing as it provides a proper ending and conclusive remark while summing up all the arguments. It presents a bigger picture of the complete essay therefore; the  paper writing service writer should give special attention while writing a conclusion. The phrase like ‘In the end, to conclude, conclusively, to end this, to summarize’ , can add clarity to the essay. Now that you are well aware of formal phrases which you can use while writing your essay, you can start practicing your essay without hesitation to ace your assignment.

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