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Interesting Features of Rhetorical Analysis Essay

If you are a literature student, you must have noticed your professor using the word rhetoric in class. Often asked, “Perform a rhetorical analysis of this text” by your teacher might have confused you have no clear idea of what a rhetorical analysis essay writer is. So long story short, let’s just break down the term “Rhetorical analysis” for you before we discuss and help you out to learn how a rhetorical analysis is performed. Rhetoric in simple terms is the persuasiveness of a writer to present his art and ideas in writing or speaking by assimilating a variety of figures of speech to enhance the quality of ideas through which he wants to affect the reader. So that means if we study a text through a Rhetorical perspective, we keep in mind the specific figures of speech that the writer uses to give unique features to his writing.

Let’s move to our main concern, i.e., how is a rhetorical analysis essay written. Essays have a number of types and rhetoric analysis among all those types has a very unique structural feature that not only keeps the essay writer in the spotlight but the literal approach of the writer of the rhetorical text throughout the analysis. A rhetorical analysis essay is not very much concerned about what the writer is saying but how he has said it. Although a rhetorical analysis also includes the 3 main parts as other essays i.e., introduction, body, and conclusion. However, structural analysis demands a rhetorical analysis to keep in view some steps to write my essay and follow and observe keenly while rhetorically analyzing a piece of literature.

As we already know, the purpose of writing a rhetorical analysis is to help you learn to look closely at the literal features of the text. If I have to write my essay performing literary analysis, I have to be very much conscious about the type of literature I am provided to look into, to write my paper. 3 of the very key features that a writer adopts to appeal and attract his readers involve Logos, Ethos, and Pathos. And the basic requirement that a rhetorical analysis is supposed to fulfill is to find these 3 key features that the writer uses through several figures of speech used in his text. These 3 rhetorical features Logos, Ethos, and Pathos were initially introduced by Aristotle, generally known as the rhetorical triangle. Now if you think I have forgotten to mention what these 3 key features are, apart from their name. Don’t worry I am just beginning to explain them briefly for you as well.

Does the word logos sound familiar? Yes, it came from the very “logical” word. Logos is a feature generally termed as logical reasoning or approach adopted by a writer to perform his discussion and bind his readers simultaneously. Logos get its help from logical arguments and reasoning to trap the readers and challenge their point of view if they are different. Ethos sounds like the ethical approach of the writer. Making moral judgment and leading a discussion or an opinion is the basic theme adopted by Ethos in a rhetorical text. Writers while adopting Ethos are usually driven by the qualities to approach the reader as a person subjective to the authority while the writer presents his moral judgment as of the decision of the authority.

While logos and Ethos present a reader as a passive subject, pathos directly involves the reader in a text through interaction with their emotions. Pathos invokes emotions in the readers. These emotions might be anger, happiness, empathy, or any other human feeling. Keeping in view all these three key features an essay writing service is supposed to create an observation or judgment in the thesis statement while keeping in view the text and the context of the rhetorical text available. This question might pop up in your head now, what is the point of keeping in view the context of the text. Context plays an integral role to assimilate a discussion which must keep in the record what was the purpose of the original text writer based his text on.

Follow the same pattern of inclusion of introduction, body, and conclusion in your essay. Begin by writing an introduction by jotting down the key features you have observed in the original text and you make a claim regarding the opinion the writer wanted to generate in paper writing service. The body paragraph must keep two, or three specific figures to support your claim.

You might think that it’s the rhetorical analysis and you are not supposed to add any second references. This is a wrong notion. To keep your essay interesting and relevant to the text, you must incorporate the ideas of other writers who have written some articles on authentic websites. Add them, refer to them as a source to support your claim, and conclude the discussion. It might be a little overwhelming to and digest all this much information in one go, and some of you might get stuck at any point while writing. For that purpose, I would highly recommend any essay writing service often available on different websites. Contact them and get as much help as you want. 

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